DiHG Eco-Prise is short for Diverse Habitat Garden Ecological Enterprise.
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Hello Friends,

DiHG Eco-Prise, Inc. stands for Diverse Habitat Garden Ecological Enterprise Incorporated.

DiHG was created on April 29, 2021 when the California Attorney General granted incorporation as a public benefit corporation, number, C4737932. Our attorney of record is now ready to apply to get 501c3 status from the IRS which means instead of paying taxes to the government to provide services, the IRS is entrusting a non profit to provide essential services to people. So all the money that is donated not only is a write off for contributors, but also all can be used to fund empowering programs and services.

Meanwhile, DiHG's website is evolving. It will tell people what DiHG is all about and how to participate. We are making positive progress and working to communicate the mission and goals effectively, which is to heal people and planet by working with nature to restore local ecosystems.

We are already in the throws of a global paradigm shift. People are aware of the problems we are facing from human induced climate change. And we are all trying to figure out what we can do to mitigate serious existential threats to life on the planet.

That is why DiHG exists, to help people take their next best steps.

For people experiencing instability in their lives like displacement from home, the threat of losing a place to live or general housing insecurity, you must be scared and wondering what the future holds. We are going to do everything we can to help you get settled and develop some income streams so you can make a meaningful living. It will probably look very different from what you are used to. But hopefully you will like it because it will take care of you, it will be safe, beautiful, abundant and peaceful, it will last for your whole lifetime or as long as you wish to stay and be held in trust, preserved and passed to future generations.  

The places we will be occupying are going to be in need of TLC and stewardship. So both the land and us are going to heal and grow together. 

For those most affected and even broken by the mismanagement of our resources, those suffering from food insecurity, homelessness, unemployment, loss of family and community and general anxiety about the decline of our biosphere, please know that you are valuable and capable. You are a big part of the solution even if you don't see a way to save yourself let alone the planet.

So the plan is that we are going to find places where people can be, live, regain strength and confidence. And in return, working with nature, growing beautiful plants for food, medicine, shelter, energy and enjoyment. Partnering with animals, learning how they are good friends and valuable co workers will be a daily joy as well as helping and being helped, hand sculpting homes with non toxic natural materials. Like minds with the same determination to heal themselves while restoring local ecosystems will co-exist in beauty and abundance.

Clients, volunteers, hosts, teachers, administrators, fundraisers, people from all walks of life, please join the growing community of those already working to solve problems that seem increasingly complicated, but have very simple solutions. 

Let's collaborate by sharing our talents, our hopes and vision. I will be honored to be in your company.

Thank you for your consideration.