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Permaculture Design Course - Riverside, CA

  • 72- Hour Certificate Course
  • Monthly - 2nd Saturday
  • Riverside Corona Resource Conservation District
  • 4500 Glenwood Drive, Riverside, CA
  • Register for a class that interests you or take the whole PDC
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Natural Building Workshop -

UCR Palm Desert, CA

  • Learn how to build with cob
  • University of California Riverside - Palm Desert Campus
  • 75080 Frank Sinatra Drive, Palm Desert, California
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Cahuilla Demonstration Garden -

UCR Palm Desert, CA

  • Honoring First Culture
  • Demonstrating traditional ecological knowledge
  • Fostering stewardship
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Universal Eco Village Fund

  • Sustainable human settlement
  • Where people can live in affordable, non toxic housing and structures
  • And work locally producing regenerative products and services
  • In resilient communities
  • Designed to sequester rampant CO2
  • With 500 year plans
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Mendocino Starfish & Seaweed

Like permaculture design, 

DiHG uses small, simple solutions, 

transitioning people from: 

  • Climate Insecurity
  • Housing Insecurity
  • Food Insecurity
  • Energy Insecurity
  • Job Insecurity

Into thriving life systems, securing futures & bringing community resilience to neighborhoods.