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We teach solutions. Our programs are transformative because students live & learn in a supportive space. Students train in permaculture design and develop multiple skills to help their communities build resilient infrastructure and adapt to human induced climate change.


Design, Ethics, Principles, Methods, Zones, Aspects, Sectors, Philosophy, Strategies, Climate, Soils, Water, Energy, Community, Economy

Permaculture is an ethical design science. Students learn how to take responsibility for their families and lead their communities into a resilient future.

Natural Building

Sand, Clay, Straw, Water, Gravel, Boulders, Foundation, Walls, Roof, Plaster, Earthen Floor, Repurposed Materials

Natural structures are non toxic, pest proof, fire proof, seismic resistant, sustainable & affordable. Students learn to build with natural materials and items diverted from the waste stream.


Trees, Shrubs, Herbs, Perennials, Annuals, Food Forestry, Vegetable Gardening, Nursery, Landscaping, Pruning, Propagation, Seed Saving, Native Plants

We partner with plants. They are the foundation of our lives. They feed, shelter and cloth us. They give us oxygen, block the wind, shade us, provide fuel and habitat and so much more. We work with and learn about plants everyday.

Appropriate Technology

Solar: Dehydrator, Oven, Water Heater, Green House. Geo-Thermal Cooling & Heating, Shade Houses, Wind Power, Gravity Feed, Hydro

Harnessing energy that is available on site allows us to live on real time sunlight. We use small decentralized solutions to power our lives.

Skill Building

Gardening, Cobing, Sewing, Cooking, Drawing, Preserving, Music, Yoga, Small Animal Keeping, Earthworks, Woodworking, Art, Crafting

We strive to be self sufficient so we need to develop many skills. Permaculture people typically have many interests and appreciate diversity in their lives.


Blocks, Pavers, Wire, Pallets, Lumber, Organic Materials, Furniture, Fixtures, Clothing,

We divert valuable materials from landfill, taking advantage of the embodied energy in discarded objects.

Nutrient Cycling

Mesophilic, Mulching, Composting, Worm Bins, Food Scraps, Thermophilic, Piles, Leaves, Branches, Prunings, Animals

There is no waste since everything is cycled back into the system though multiple composting methods and mulching. Every year, our soil increases in fertility, able to produce more, enriching the lives of residents, neighbors and the surrounding ecosystem.


Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, Nuts, Seeds, Eggs, Honey, Wax, Herbs, Tinctures, Chickens, Worms, Compost, Mulch, Fuel, Materials, Plants, Crafts, Products

Diversity is the key to abundance for residents, local wildlife and local economy. Products grown, harvested and crafted on site are nutrient dense, have zero transport miles and produce no trash. We are eliminating our carbon footprint and helping our neighbors reduce theirs.


Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

Our programs foster stewards for the local environment. Our sites demonstrate cooperation with nature, extending life systems so future generations have a thriving planet.

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