Pilot Permaculture Design Course

Pilot Permaculture Design Course

As I teach my first Permaculture Design Course, I feel like I am taking my third PDC. It is amazing how I never stop learning and relearning all the ways and tools to live sustainably through permaculture. And it is a gift to be on this course with people who have expertise in many of the sections and chapters in the Permaculture Designers' Manual. They are bringing the material up to date with the latest science and research on each topic.

The major reason that I have never attempted to teach a PDC is that I did'nt have the course material. I am a power point presenter. I learned everything I know about public speaking and teaching from UCCE Master Gardeners of Riverside County Speakers Bureau. I am heavy on the tech. So When I see teachers referring to their laptop and drawing on a whiteboard, I am amazed that they can read, talk and draw at the same time. Hopefully with more teaching experience, I will be able to also. But for now, I am so grateful for the materials we are creating in this Pilot Permaculture Design Course. Not only for me but also for my students. I hope it will be easier and a much shorter timeline for them to start teaching since they will have course materials and other teachers with which to collaborate.

We just finished our 2nd month in the PDC. We have 4 to go. It is intense for the students to be learning, producing and teaching and that is why I designed the curriculum for 6 months. But I also wanted to produce teachers. Geoff Lawton said that he is lucky to produce 1 teacher in 500ish students. I want to produce 20 teachers in 30 students, at least with this first class. We will see who will move forward with me to teach other PDCs

I think the key is to target people who already have teaching experience and/or are experts in their fields. That is why I invited UCCE Master Gardeners, UC Naturalists, UC Climate Stewards and Science Teachers from all academic levels to the course on full scholarship. This is a formula I hope to repeat in other locations so that they can be sustainability leaders in their communities.

If you would like help forming a teacher producing PDC in your community, reach out and I will share what I know and offer assistance.