Natural Building for Housing Solutions

Natural Building for Housing Solutions
Clay, sand, straw and water
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Hand Sculpted Houses

Hi Friends,

Currently, the housing crisis in Los Angeles seems to be gaining speed and many of our people are living in tents on sidewalks. It can not be safe or healthy and I am very worried about them. The city is trying to help, offering people housing but there doesn't seem to be enough. And some people are not accepting help because they don't want to live inside. I get it. Outside is very wonderful. Especially if one can live in a beautiful and supportive habitat.  

There are many solutions that do not include spending thousands of dollars to warehouse people. So I am proposing that for those who want a more natural life, let's find unused land that can be developed into habitable eco gardens where people can learn to grow food and learn how to build natural housing that is more in touch with nature. This is not for everybody but it is for those who are able, willing and hear the call to make this world a better place. 

Young, old and everyone in-between with any ability can participate. We have the understanding to be the solution to all the problems we face. And they are inexpensive, human scale solutions. 

For instance, a small natural house can be built for any amount of money. It can be free because the soil on site can be used for the structure as well as things diverted from the waste stream. Healthy, nutrient dense food can be grown all around the house. Air-conditioning can be provided by fruit trees and vines shielding the structure from the sun. Heat and cooking fuel can be provided by pruned wood, burned in a rocket mass stove that is so efficient, it doesn't even smoke out of the chimney. And the bathroom can have a composting toilet and a shower that drains to waters perennial plants.

If you have money, donate some to DiHG so we can fund our programs. We only exist to help people and planet. It is all we do and all we care about. 

If you have no money, donate your time, skill and enthusiasm. Let's work together to build a beautiful future.

Thanks for your attention and consideration 🙂