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Our Mission

Establishing permaculture demonstration sites in every community & evolving them into resilient eco villages.

Our Method

Providing educational and social structure through our 501c3 public charity, helping communities set up their own permaculture education site. We guide students as they design, install, plant, build, administer and manage their local site.

Our Hope

Hope is grounded in our ability and willingness to take action. We have transformative power in every moment, with every breath. And when we find community that supports and inspires us, we are free to change our paradigm. Our hope is holding the space for you to realize your potential as a permaculture practitioner, teacher and sustainability leader in your local community.

Our Vision

Ushering the planetary revolution in regenerative sustainable living -

One that partners with nature...

One of earth care, people care and fair share...

One that values connections, cooperation & inclusion...

One with a sense of place...

One that stewards local ecosystems...

One that fosters diversity, equity and empowerment...

One that strives for health, happiness and wellbeing...

where everyone has a beautiful & safe place to exist.
Perennial Food Systems Los Angeles, CA

Our Pledge

We pledge to honor and act on permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

We are the solution to climate change..

We recognize the intrinsic value in all species and their position in our biosphere.

We take responsibility for living a life in partnership with nature and all living things.

We vow to share education, inspiration and skills with communities.

Our actions will allow future generations of all species to live on a beautiful, abundant and stable Earth.

Our Ethics

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

Redwood Circle Arcata CA
Learn About Programs

Permaculture ethics guide us in positive healing actions. Our programs empower stewardship.

  • Permaculture Design
  • Horticulture
  • Composting
  • Partnering with Animals
  • Ecological Stewardship
  • Natural Building
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Skill Building
  • Income Development
  • Community Building

Our Philosophy

Restoring People & Planet

It is no accident that when Europeans came to the new world, the ecosystems looked like well tended orchards and gardens. There were 100 million people living with nature as a part of nature. Our first nations stewarded the land, tended to and respected all life. But for the past 200 years since the industrial revolution, humans have propagated a much different landscape. Rampant CO2 from the burning of fossil fuel is causing severe damage to our biosphere and is posing an existential threat now and to future generations of all life. We are too late to stop anthropogenic climate change. However, we still have time to adapt, become resilient and mitigate the severity of climate chaos. If we act now, we have time to restore our ecosystems starting right outside our doors. Instead of feeling helpless, take action and feel empowered. Let's refuse to march quietly to our demise or party on in denial. We have important work to do, building community, stewarding our land and helping each other realize our new paradigm.