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Our Mission

Establishing permaculture demonstration sites in every community & evolving them into resilient eco villages.

Our Method

Education - Organization - Inspiration

We kickstart the journey with comprehensive permaculture design education. Following this, we collaborate with graduates to establish and manage local permaculture demonstration sites. These serve as hubs of inspiration, where graduates empower community members to collaboratively devise local solutions for sustainable living. Together, they forge cohesive, regenerative communities at a human-tribal scale, fostering interconnectedness and resilience.

Our Hope

Hope is rooted in our capacity and readiness to act. With every moment and each breath, we possess the power to transform. Finding an uplifting and motivating community liberates us to shift our paradigm. Our hope reserves a place for you as a permaculture practitioner, educator, and leader in sustainability within your community.

Our Vision

Ushering the global movement towards regenerative sustainable living—a revolution deeply rooted in partnership with nature. We strive to cultivate profound connections, foster cooperation, and champion inclusivity. Our approach embodies a commitment to stewardship, instilling a profound sense of place in all our endeavors. Central to our vision is the promotion of diversity, equity, and empowerment, ensuring that every individual finds their rightful place within our collective journey. We envision a world brimming with health, happiness, and holistic wellbeing, where everyone is embraced and empowered to thrive.

Perennial Food Systems Los Angeles, CA

Our Leadership

Susan Krings
Susan Krings President
Susan founded DiHG Eco-Prise, Inc in April 2020. She brings her vision of comprehensive solutions to social and environmental equity. She is instrumental in organizational direction and programming that guides meaningful action while steadfastly holding the intention for a sustainable, resilient and regenerative future.
Cynthia Morris-Sotelo
Cynthia Morris-Sotelo Vice President
Cynthia joined DiHG in 2022. She brings her leadership skills as a business executive and dedicated community volunteer. She is instrumental in organizational strategy and development, stewarding our mission with consistent and empowering action.
Christy Gray
Christy Gray Chief Financial Officer
Christy joined DiHG in 2022. She brings her leaderships skills as a business owner, farmer and devoted community volunteer. She is instrumental in development and financial strategy that transparently ensures our collective resources ethically serve our local community members in the spirit of earth care, people care and fair share.
Linda Glaccum
Linda Glaccum Secretary
Linda joined DiHG in 2022. She brings her leadership skills as an educator, homesteader and committed community volunteer. She is instrumental in documenting our organizational actions and witnessing our pursuit of social and ecological principles.
Vanessa Encinias
Vanessa Encinias Board Member
Vanessa Joined DiHG in 2022. She brings her experience as an educator and community volunteer. She is instrumental in inspiring and leading us in service and hope for our transition aged youth, (TAY).
Rose Morisoli
Rose Morisoli Board Member
Rose joined DiHG in 2022. She brings her experience as an educator and community volunteer. She is instrumental in inspiring and leading us in service and respect for our older adults.
Buddy Knoles Board Member
Buddy joined DiHG in 2024. He brings his experience as a U.S. Army veteran and community volunteer. He is instrumental in inspiring and leading us in service and gratitude to our military veterans.

Our Ethics

Redwood Circle Arcata CA
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Earth Care
  • Partnering with Nature
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Ecological Restoration
People Care
  • Equity
  • Justice
  • Inclusion
Fair Share
  • Food
  • Habitat
  • Stability

Our Philosophy

Everything gardens. Squirrels sow the seeds of forests. Wolves move the hooved ones through the prairies while big cats shepherd the grazers across savannas, maintaining the balance of nature. Soil dwellers enrich and aerate the earth, making it receptive to rain. Nature is a vast, intelligent collective composed of innumerable life forms. We belong to this family of life, serving and sharing in the stewardship of our planet. Each being plays a crucial role; our task is to rediscover our part in Earth's conservation and renewal. Our significance is equal to all life; we are all interlinked and reliant on one another. Let us embrace our vast family, navigate life ethically, and when our journey ends, return our bodies to the soil to nourish new life.


Our Pledge

We pledge to honor and act on permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

We are the solution to anthropogenic climate change..

We recognize the intrinsic value in all species and their position in our biosphere.

We take responsibility for living a life in partnership with nature and all living things.

We vow to share education, inspiration and skills with our communities.

Our current actions will allow future generations of remaining species to live.